Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Copyright Infringement

Sorry for the delay in posting new stuff....I've been half on vacation, half catching up with my real life. So, here's something cool. This picture was taken in Beijing, China, at the Ming Tombs (which are surprisingly uninteresting compared to the rest of the ancient stuff). Yes, I know this is Coca-Cola; if you've never been to China, Coke really pushes their stuff over there..... The streets are just lined with coke vendors, every 20 feet or so.

Either way, the Coke propaganda is always interesting to look at. This is the surface of a picnic table at a souvenir stand at the Ming Tombs. There is clearly a hole for an umbrella in the middle....not utilized at the time. I really like how this one turned out, the gross texture and the random light spots make it very interesting to look at. Oh yeah, I really like the Chinese characters for Coca-Cola too.... There's just something....catchy (?)...about how they look.

Full Size                            If you think that's awesome, you should see Chinese Mountain Dew.

So, clearly I don't represent the Coca-Cola company, and Coca-Cola is probably TM and Copyright the Coca-cola company. Most likely the Chinese version is too. Unfortunately, I cropped the copyright statement off the edge of the picture for artistic reasons. It was in Chinese anyway, so....whatever.

That's all.


  1. Wow, nice photo. The chinese one looks so neat. Dont know why.
    Im stealing this photo :)

  2. i love consuming coca cola haha, no commercial will affect me on that.