Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Also, cherries!

So, I meant to celebrate my breaking 100 followers on the last post, but I forgot.... So...happy 101 followers to me! 

As for these photos, the top one is obviously very different from the bottom two, and for good reason. They were taken about a year apart....The top one is new, the bottom two are from last summer.

The top one....I had to mess with a lot to get that kind of color, but I like how it turned out. I pretty much eliminated all the blue, which makes them very warm looking (it's surprising how much blue is in a picture of red fruit....). My only problem is I wish the edges of the cherries were a little more well defined--a little more sharp. 

The bottom two are also very different...the middle photo has the whole dark/light contrast thing going on, which I think makes up for the lack of riveting subject matter. The bottom one... I really like how sharp and crisp the leaves turned out, and I changed the color temperature to more warm...which obviously makes the photo feel more warm (which I like).

That's about it for these pictures..... I really love photographing fruit, because it has some great detail if you get in close (which seems to be a recurring trend for me...). I wish I could do more maybe I will.

Quick Stats as of right now: 18,542 views (thanks stumbleupon), 6875 stumbleupon likes, 21 posts, 39 photos, 101 followers, and all in 2.5 months.

Thanks for your support everyone!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! its really great and satisfactory this is happen to you,i hope one day can break the 50 followers haha,you 're invited to the party =p..

  2. Congratulations for the 101 followers!!! :D

  3. Let me be the first to say, I jealous. But still, congrats :)

  4. Congratulations! I'm member #101 i believe?

  5. Congrats!
    Great images. Like the two you took last year ^^

  6. Oh wow, that first picture is brilliant! I've never seen cherries so vibrant :] Also I'm follower #103 yayy

  7. Very impressive stats there for your site mate and some excellent photography!
    You've got a real talent, it's no wonder your blog's growing the way it is.
    That first photo is excellent!

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  8. congrats to you to have this many followers. Very nice pictures btw