Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Panorama

Sure, why not.

Tada! Be sure to click on the picture for the full size.

Umm....This is a lake. My camera has this sorta-cool mode where it takes three pictures and then 'attempts' to stitch them together. I say 'attempts' because about half the time, it fails, and things end up not lined up. I sometimes wonder if I should just take the three pictures and stitch them together myself. Then I'd get it right 100% of the time. Though, I have to say, when these do work, they're very well stitched together--it smooths out imperfections and jumps and bumps and stuff. So yeah.....

Sorry for the lack of postage the past few days; stay tuned for more flowers and naturey stuff in the near future. Or maybe a cityscape.....I'm going to try and get a cityscape or two in here soon.


  1. Nice photo.
    I make mine in Photoshop; I do not like the panorama mode of my camera.

  2. It looks good, that's a pretty cool feature your camera has. It looks like it worked if you used it here, or I just can't see the failure.

  3. use a tripod, it will help you with this kind of pic :)

  4. That's a beautiful photo. Where is that?

  5. Great panorama!
    Making your own (wihtout the camera mode) shouldn't be to hard.