Monday, September 5, 2011

Trees and a Church

So, last week I moved back into school. And then I didn't post anything for that week. Sorry...Here's some fancy new photos to make up for it.

So, as usual the title says just about everything.... The first picture is a tree with a nail in it. The second and third are some cool shots up some trees. And the last one is a cool church....I don't remember what church. These all have my usual extra contrast boost, which I've noticed washed out the sky in these pictures. However...I kind of like it. It makes the white sky (obviously) contrast the brown of the trees and church better.

That's it for now, more posts to come (hopefully) soon.

Also, blogger has a new posting interface....Not sure what I think of it.... It looks like Google Docs now.


  1. new interface is ok. not really any better imo

  2. Nice trees. They're better than people.

  3. I think it is built around Google Docs. I've gotten used to the new look now, but I still preferred the old one. Nice pictures as always :) Do love me some trees and churches.

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  5. I also like to apply excessive amount of contrast to my pics :)